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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Video Projects :: Chevron Racing Team, engaging the viewer

The video above was made at the Silverstone racing circuit, regarded by many as the home of British Motorsport, this short video features the Chevron Racing Team.

Anthony Reid former Le Mans star and BTCC driver comes in for the regulation one hour pit stop when Jordan Witt takes charge of the car for the final hour of racing.

You will see Anthony and Jordan exchanging information, vital for the final charge.

Unlike F1 it is a regulation in British GT racing that the driver must be out of the car before any re-fueling can take place.

The Capture process
Understanding the sequence of events dictates the flow of recording, best positioning to move from one area of action to another.

My positioning is critical to work safely in an environment that clearly states "Motorsport can be dangerous."

Keeping the viewer engaged means flowing with the action rather than working from a fixed position. Adjusting the viewing to draw the person watching in or when setting a new scene.

The video was shot in one sequence, keeping down the need for editing later, this is always my preferred way of working. A second camera mounted up high giving a birds eye view could of offered an alternative view to switch into for a few frames.

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