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Monday, 15 October 2012

Buying photography gear v technique.

Buying photography gear v working on all areas of your technique, any good pro store will advise you on which camera body and lens will cover many bases.

For me a good body with a 24-70 pro lens will be good enough to learn and grow with, the next step is to take as many frames as you can.

Mastering your own creativity will take time, patience is a virtue, when you get to a comfortable level the camera will be like the steering wheel of a car, it helps you get there.

Training your eye is key, the people hooked on gear for me are missing something, Jay Maisel made a great video with Scott Kelby, his workshop fee is $5000 per person, the yearly or monthly membership over at Kelby training is worth it  just for access to Jay's video set in NY.

The Kelby training video titled "A day with Jay Maisel" can be viewed by subscribing over HERE

It surprises me how many photographers don't get into their camera, knowing every feature, also try looking outside photography for influence.

Enjoy your photography.

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