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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Canon Speedlite, small light to big light

Canon Speedlite, small light to big light setups need not mean an over complicated setup.

Most photographers have in their kit bag two or even three lights, the mount below allows multiple units to be grouped together.

The key to a simple setup like this is the arrangement of the lights, none of them are having to work too hard.

A lot people make incorrect assumptions about the power gains to be had by ganging multiple speedlights. In truth, it's the second flash that gives you the bulk of the extra power.

So you can bump your output by a stop for more power when needed by adding just one flash. Or—and this is usually more important to me—you can trim your recycle time in half by using two flashes and dialing the power down in each.

Whether you do this manually of let the camera do the work via ETTL you choose.

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