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Monday, 19 September 2011

Dance Video Bodyshop for Laura Ann.

Dance video Bodyshop for Laura Ann was a great project involving 14 dancers and a whole load of rehersals, location scouting and more.

Laura-Anne wanted the video, she is a professional choreographer and dancer based in Manchester, she travels with her work internationally.

Since the age of 16 she has been working alongside the likes of, Alexandra Burke, JLS, Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, George Micheal, Pink, Katy Perry, Geri Haliwell, Jagged Edge, Mario & Omarion. enough to say she is a good dancer, experienced and open to new ideas.

I wanted this video to be light well with a slight tone, so it was captured with low contrast and a custom picture profile, knowing it would then only need minimal processing to achive the overall clean look.

We are not shooting any kind of RAW format here so tolerances for adjustments are low.

Dance Video Bodyshop for Laura Ann by Jason Harry

While I am on with all the pre production Laura is busy with rehearsals, we keep each other updated to make sure were on track.

Test shooting the workshop left gave me a sample from which to slice a section and work a jpeg image to perfect the adjustments required to the footage before the day of the shoot. I prefer to work this way to leave out any nasty surprises at post production and not get the look, think I could go into melt down otherwise.

Dance Video Bodyshop for Laura Ann by Jason Harry

Lighting the space used was easy, its a high end bodyshop right, so these guys don't work in the dark, pushing extra fill light from the front was going to be the order of the day.

Dance Video Bodyshop for Laura Ann by Jason Harry
Camera used Canon EOS 5d mkII

We had a small window to shoot the video, on the day of shooting from beginning to end we were in, set up, footage taken from two main locations, promotion shots made, and take down in two and a half hours.

To get the footage we worked the main sequences three times to make sure we had it right, that's the deal.

So arn't we cool doing the shoot in a short time, the EDIT oh my, three solid days for the main dance sequence plus another day or so making the beginning and credits.

Post shooting before edit, review to footage, identify the good footage to be used, then the order to run.

Editing sequence start at the beginning and sequence the movement to the audio, a tricky task.

Dance Video Bodyshop for Laura Ann by Jason Harry

Thanks to the fourteen dancers, the makeup artists, PROSPRAY for letting us shoot there.

To Laura and myself high five... making this video was an undertaking but a blast.

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