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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Canon 6D, perfect high performance entry level camera.

I was with the Canon people yesterday, got my hands on the NEW Canon 6D.

First impressions are its nice and light noticeably lighter then the 5Dmk2/3, which often gets comments back from female clients about.... being heavy.

I am liking the Wi-Fi features that are inbuilt, a costly add on for all other pro camera's, also built in is GPS, so you can track where and when you took your shots, ideal for me when location hunting.

Looking at the images using 6400 ISO they were as you would expect impressive.

Would I recommend this camera, YES to anyone entering photography wanting a lot of the high end features or maybe as a second camera, perfectly ideal for events weddings etc.

Body only expect to pay around £1800.

With an app you can take full control of the camera remote, also transfer files to other compatible devices like printers and monitors or even other 6D's.

Delivery's for pre-orders are on track for December.

Canon 6D at Calumet

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