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Friday, 9 November 2012

Mastering off Camera flash

The small flash systems offered by the likes of Canon and Nikon should be in every photographers kit bag.

Often they are under used, I suspect because their full potential hasn't been explored.

I was lucky enough to spend five days in Venice Italy with one of the world's highly respected users of the small strobe Joe McNally. Joe is a photography who routinely works with high end clients delivering demanding assignment's in extreme conditions.

Joe's first published book "The Moment it Clicks" explores the story and settings behind some of his best known images. it is a well written and produced book, I highly recommend it.

Big lighting systems are often the preferred choice, but when you want a quick setup with minimal fuss the small lights really are hard to beat. Their portability and extended functionality out perform studio lights in a lot of conditions.

The small strobes for me are the perfect partner to studio lights, get into the functions of the small lights and your on your way to better images and extended creativity.

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