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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

VIDEO EMERICA Skateboard Team - Full ON.

I was filming this event for the new skateboard park in Manchester, they told me well in advance it would get really busy, it was rammed.

The guys visiting really worked it for the fans, I did not envy them in any way as the concrete floor looked unforgiving to those who came off.

My setup that evening was the Canon 1DX (5dmkii as spare setup) with the Calumet video rig providing camera stability. When the venue got packed me moving about was not happening, those guys on the boards were fast moving, a full on collision wasn't on my to do list.

Lens choice was the 17-40 and a 24-70, both L series glass.

There was more kit with me like the mic and such with even more in the bag, no time or space for the video tripod, just too risky given the amount of people, too high a risk.

So that is that, it was a blast and as you can see the EMERICA guys really worked it for the crowd, top guys.

Find out more about skateboard legend Andrew Reynolds and the EMERICA brand here

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