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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Something for the weekend 4k video shoot with a Le Mans LMP2

Lola Coupe B08/80 LMP2

Today we did a quick location check, this weekend we are shooting a number of race cars that are soon to be up for sale. Included in the shoot plan will be a short video for each of the cars.

My check list was - available light, the physicality of working the location and if extra lighting would be required. I also asked for a few changes to the space.

As with my recent video productions we are filming in 4k using the amazing Canon 1DC.

There is a lot of internet chatter about 4k being hard to work with, on short productions where there isn't a great amount of post production I have fond it pretty straight forward. However if your system is not high end, the post production is high or for a lengthy feature you would have to think is it worth while for the extra investment needed for the final output.

Canon 1DC - I like the additional canvas space, weather sealing and shooting in C-Log

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