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Friday, 22 March 2013

VIDEO Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans car at Goodwood Media day 2013

Goodwood Festival of Speed Preview Day Video Part 1

The  Bentley Speed 8 attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed Preview day earlier this week.

The Bentley Speed 8 an amazing car that raced at the Le Mans 24hour.

This and the following videos show the process I go through when pulling together the footage, being mindful of the theme.

Not all of this footage will make it into the final video, some cleaning up and tightening of sequences will happen.

Each composition is a manageable chunk of footage that has to transition from one section to another and keep or develop the overall feel. Working in sections like this helps me decide what footage should go before or proceed in a running order.

I am also keeping an eye on the overall total time for the project and what I feel will be most interesting experience for the viewer, so at first I will overrun each section then cut back in the final edit.

At this early stage it is about having options, developing the look and feel.

The final video can be viewed here.

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