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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hands on with the Canon EOS C300 Pro cini recorder.

Got my hands on the C300 yesterday, Canon describe it as a ground-breaking professional cine camera.

I was initially thinking how long will it take me to get to grips with this new piece of kit which surprisingly was not overly complicated. Granted there was someone on hand to show me the basics.

Canon EOS C300

Like with any new technology once you get a few results the confidence to push on is there.

Having looked over the specs I thought I may notice some extra weight but its design and the hand strap with lens did not feel much greater than a 1DX, now it may be but it didn't feel it.

After the quick induction its a case of working through the quick start manual and some button pressing.

One thing I did notice and liked was the 3 inbuilt ND grads, 2, 4 and 6 stop, if you want to keep a hold of the shallow depth of field using wide open f-stops in good light this will come in very useful.

ISO range goes up to 20,000 which looks plenty, setting a custom white balance is even easier than with your Canon DSLR.

By holding the custom white balance button then fill the frame with your grey card the camera will work it out for you and set accordingly, that's it done. Seems too easy and it is, seconds.

The camera has complex functions that I never even close to getting into but can you get to grips with it Yes, is it user friendly Yes.

I was just getting started... more to come

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