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Friday, 29 March 2013

Get Out, Be Creative.

My photography and video workshops take me all over the UK with Calumet.

What strikes me all to often is that we are all so busy doing what we do, that when it comes to putting in some extra hours taking skills to the next level many are not making that time.

In this day and age it is important to be current modern and developing, because more changes in the industry are coming, I can see that.

Now maybe living and breathing what you do is not everyones cup of tea, maybe just maybe it is not required, however my advice is to do some pushups from time to time.

I don't mean hit the gym, more go out with no preconceived idea of what you wish to take and experiment. grab a long lens and do some street photography, I don't mean spy on your neighbour, one step leads to another that is my way of thinking.

This weekend I am at Oulton Park with British GT's which if you are not familiar with this racing is exotic cars like the Ferrari 458, McLaren MP4 , Mercedes SLS, BMW Z4, Nissan GTR and so on. 

It is a packed grid, more to come.

Enjoy Easter

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