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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Email as a marketing tool. BEWARE

Email as a marketing tool, use wisely and make your contact personal.
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Every time I hit send or receive I am thinking what trash or useless email will come in this time.

The truth is very few inquiries come to me via email as the first link.

For me I prefer to make initial contact either face to face or by a phone call to establish who I need to be speaking with, to establish the decision maker.

When I was recruiting new positions as the head photographer for a large studio CV's that came in by email never inspired me as much as the tenacity and determination of those who dropped in, with their CV.

From experience these individuals always seemed to have more about them.

Now I am not saying this works for everyone but for me I was like come in, if you have made the effort I will too.

The written can be misunderstood where as like video a conversation is less ridged, you can often work out exactly what the client may want better.

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