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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Photographers gear, buy what you need.

Photographers gear, buy what you need. There is so much you can choose from, choosing what you need is not an easy decision, spend wisely.

Choosing the wrong equipment for sure will cost you again further down the line, nothing good is cheap in this game

Buy what you need, if you are unsure try RENTAL first.

calumet where the pros go

In the UK and USA Calumet provide an excellent rental services, at the time of posting they will deduct the rental if you then decide to buy that item after the rental. Check this out.

A summary of the equipment you will likely need.

Body and Lens buy the best you can afford, the lens is critical I would always recommend the L or pro series lens. Avoid cheap glass, you really need the best lens as they will likely stay with you from body to body.

If you need external flash get it off camera, I have a bracket like the press use.

Grey card, get into using a custom white balance to help create natural tones,

Reflectors,  silver/ white and gold/ white, bigger the better.

Printer, the Epson R3000 is very good to A3+  You need to proof your work, choose a suitable print profile in your workflow.

Screen calibration, either do this manually with the help of a test file and print from someone like peak-imaging or with a calibration device. Some screens display slightly blue caution adjusting for the screen, print a sample.

Software, I work between Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop CS5, industry standard.

Print paper, I use the Calumet Brillant Lustre paper (10x15) for most test printing.

This list is for general photography, as you get deeper into your given area you will need other equipment, master this group and your on track.

too much camera gear

Experience will bring you the best results so don't get bogged down in the gear side, keep it simple to start with, enjoy more.

Good luck.

www.calumetphoto.co.uk Manchester number +44(0) 161 274 0500 the store is worth a visit, else give them a call, very friendly and experienced.

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