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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Photographing New models.

Photographing new models for personal or agency profiles is one of the areas most fashion photographers have done at some point in their careers.

New models heavily rely on input or sometimes the complete lack of it. 

In my video blog 2 How to photograph dancers this is covered to a degree.

A few years ago I noticed the client relaxed more when I asked the Make-Up Artist (MUA) to check over the detail, this was used to my advantage, asking the MUA at my prompt to just go over the client and generally fuss a bit.

We made some great frames, the moments just after the "tampering" the expressions were natural. These moments are honest and in my opinion capture the true essence of the moment.

My philosophy is “Less is More” and thus, I generally give the models Carte Blanche to freestyle. Of course if they are totally ridged, that is where I attempt to guide them, not by strict posses, but by attempting to introduce an emotion in them that can hopefully be captured by me in a good frame.

Always agree a briefing before the shoot and let things go where they may, as long as they fulfill the original objective.

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