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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Scott Kelby and Photographer Joe McNally Critique session.

Scott Kelby is the world's most successful author of all things photoshop, Joe McNally is a photographer based in NY highly acclaimed and with a large following.

I posted yesterday about Scott Kelby and photoshopusertv, well here is Scott Kelby talking with photographer Joe McNally

Joe and I were in Venice Italy a few years back, he is an absolute master of small light shooting.

Joe's Bio
Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer who's career has spanned 30 years and included assignments in 50 countries. He has shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New York, Entertainment weekly, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and Men's Journal. He has been at various times in his career a contract photographer at LIFE and, currently, an ongoing 23 year contributor to the National Geographic, shooting numerous cover stories for those publications. 

In this video Scott and Joe talk about portrait critique.

If you wish to buy a friend or loved one a book to inspire about photography, Joe's book "The moment it clicks" is the perfect gift, not only an easy read, this book gives an insight to how he approached taking pictures in the book, the story.

Joe was in the process of writing this book while we were in Venice.

What Joe does mention is prep and research, I covered this in my dance video blog 2, some points will keep coming up over and over.

Follow more of Joe McNally at www.joemcnally.com

Friday, 29 June 2012

Photoshopusertv the place to go to learn Photoshop

Photoshop training is one of the first areas I would recommend a new photographer spend some time to understand, building it into your workflow.

Granted other software is available but this is the industry standard and with other software eventually you will hit a wall, that only Photoshop can get you past.

Photoshopusertv really is the place to go for those wishing to learn How to use the latest version of Photoshop.

Headed by the worlds top and best selling author Scott Kelby, together with a great team of knowledgeable  co-hosts the weekly video blogs are essential for those wanting to keep up to date, or get off the start line.

The weekly videos are not the end of it, subscribe and you have a heap of resources, back episodes with regular magazines to keep you on track.

This is the place I always recommended to the new photographers who came to work with me.

Get upto date with PhotoshopuserTV

The Proximity Factor… Some Advice to Choosing the Right Place to Establish yourself as a Fashion Photographer, by Benjamin Kanarek.

The proximity factor can be about choosing your location, how that location can affect the look of your work and progress.

The great thing about Benjamin, who originally wrote this post, is his wealth of experience and ability to get his POV over... read on.

Dovima and the Elephants – Cirque d’Hiver, Paris – 1955 © The Richard Avedon Foundation
Have you ever tried to buy a Camembert cheese in Swainsboro, Georgia? Have you ever attempted to purchase a bottle of “Cristal” champagne in Binghamton, New York? Have you ever tried to find a Christian Dior “Haute Couture” dress for a photo-shoot in Farmington, Indiana? There is no secret why Hollywood is Hollywood, New York is New York, Paris is Paris and London is London. Availability of talent, support, materials and creative grey matter. If I am about to embark on a photo shoot here in Paris, I can call a top model agency for a top model. Call a world class fashion stylist to see the press offices of the top designers to get the “crème de la crème” of the fashion world. Call the leading hair and make-up artist agency to get the most world renowned artists in their field. Hire a world class studio facility to be published in some of the most cutting edge trendy press.

The Proximity Factor

Why? Because New York & Paris feature all of the elements required not to smell of  a “Lack of Proximity” provincial product. The reason the fashion photographers working in the major centers look so polished is that they are. Without those elements, there is no way that one can compete on this playing field. Of course there are different leagues where the game is played. I started this game in Toronto where the best one could do was to be published in Flare, Fashion and Chatelaine magazines. After that, if you wish to climb this ladder, one has to make a move. I moved to Los Angeles, which was a very minor step up the ladder. I have lived in New York, Milan and Paris and have worked in London.

Your best bet, would be to study the playing field and emulate, emulate, copy, copy and copy. Until you are in the right place, everything that will be done will smack of the fact that the tools were not available. Time is so important. The collections come out, we shoot them right after the shows in studio or location. But we get them right away and not one year after the fact. This speaks loudly in its own right. Start doing your research. Type in to Google, “Trendy Press Magazines” or “Fashion Magazines” and see what comes up. Type in “Fashion Trends” as well. These resources will give you a broad overview of what is being published in the different sectors of fashion, beauty and adverting. Enjoy the experience. You may end up being the next Richard Avedon.

So that's the post, the best people are in the hotspots, if you are growing and wish to accelerate and get the look right now then I suggest at least moving in those hotspots. It will rub off on you, take my word for that.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Photographing New models.

Photographing new models for personal or agency profiles is one of the areas most fashion photographers have done at some point in their careers.

New models heavily rely on input or sometimes the complete lack of it. 

In my video blog 2 How to photograph dancers this is covered to a degree.

A few years ago I noticed the client relaxed more when I asked the Make-Up Artist (MUA) to check over the detail, this was used to my advantage, asking the MUA at my prompt to just go over the client and generally fuss a bit.

We made some great frames, the moments just after the "tampering" the expressions were natural. These moments are honest and in my opinion capture the true essence of the moment.

My philosophy is “Less is More” and thus, I generally give the models Carte Blanche to freestyle. Of course if they are totally ridged, that is where I attempt to guide them, not by strict posses, but by attempting to introduce an emotion in them that can hopefully be captured by me in a good frame.

Always agree a briefing before the shoot and let things go where they may, as long as they fulfill the original objective.

Why the commercial photography sector is set to grow.

Why is the commercial photography sector set to grow?

We’ve just seen some research that forecasts that Global commercial photography is expected to be worth almost $11 billion by 2015, (Source: Global Industry Analysts) and this figure is driven by the fragmented markets of advertising, digital photography and social networking. The suggestion is that the commercial photography industry will continue to grow as more and more companies turn to the industry to promote their businesses.

With the migration of business into social media, previously consumer-only environments, businesses themselves face increasingly fragmented marketing strategies and, more importantly for photographers, they face the challenge of creating new content for channels that demand high levels of new material to make them work by driving traffic and customers to their own websites and social media channels.

This surely creates a powerful reason for commercial photographers to embrace social media channels – to understand how images and other content work in these areas you first need to understand the channels – by being active within them. Businesses in the very near future will be keen to commission suppliers who are active in, and therefore understand the channels – how can someone who has no working knowledge of social media produce suitable images for it?

Clients who are commissioning images, will increasingly look for suppliers via these channels. They’ll judge a photographer, not just on the quality of their work, but also at how well they themselves utilise these channels for their own marketing purposes. The next generation of commercial photographers (and never forget the amateurs) will emerge into the scene with an instinctive knowledge of these channels, as they’ve grown up with them as the norm. The people who may possibly struggle, will be the 30 somethings, who have gained their experience from a totally different set of marketing channels, and who have to work harder to get that instinctive feel for the new ways of marketing.

There will be real opportunities for the forward thinking, future facing photographers, who can work with a client adding value to the relationship from a position of knowledge, by advising which types of photographic approaches and budget levels are suitable for which channel, providing images and content which is sensitive to the clients marketing approach.

Original post by Gabrielle at www.exposure.com

Saturday, 23 June 2012

A dancers photoshoot, an overview.

This video is an over view for dancers who have booked a photoshoot.

This overview is drawn from my experience shooting many dancers for top agency in the UK and the worlds best visiting the UK on tour.

Avoid the pitfalls, make the most of your time in front of the camera making great images. J

Friday, 22 June 2012

My goto lens Canon EF Zoom lens - 24 mm - 70 mm - F/2.8 - Canon EF

My Canon 24mm - 70mm L series F/2.8 is more often than not my go to lens.

I work with video using the Canon 5d series, so for me the files need to be as clean as possible at capture.

This lens fits general studio shooting and video work perfectly offering wide angle and F/2.8 all the way.

My style of working is generally close, preferring closer as it feels more intimate, working with a 70 - 200 is an alternative, however this has caused me a few problems when wanting to work the angles quickly, the 70 - 200L is for me is a second body option.

Getting back to the 24-70 it has recently been updated and the price for the latest version is around £ 2,299 GBP, yikes.

The worlds Elite Supermodels, Top 3.

The world's Elite Supermodels, Top 3 right now as defined by models.com
The VIP club: those working "icons" of the moment - defined as celebrity models with public recognition, established longevity and a major magazine cover within the last 3 years.
These stars can always be counted on to capture more than their fair share of covers and campaigns.

Of course, as is a celebrity model's prerogative, these "brand name" girls don't peddle the NY/London/Milan/Paris runway treadmill full time, or run from magazine shoot to magazine shoot, leaving that arena wide open to the new generation.

Here goes...

3. Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy photo Inez and Vinoodh for Vogue Paris February 2012

New York: IMG
London:IMG London
Paris:IMG Paris
Milan:IMG Milano

She has been a model with one of the most impeccable booking records of recent times with every single campaign being as prominent and as blue chip as they come (Prada, Prada fragrance, Gucci, Chanel, YSL, Missoni, Vuitton). Add to that major covers and a near monthly Only Girl rotation in US Vogue and Vogue Paris at her height and then the grand ring of a Lancome contract. Flawless!

2. Kate Moss

Kate Moss photo Mert n Marcus for Vogue Paris Dec 2011

New York:IMG
London:Storm Model Management
Paris:Marilyn Agency
Milan:d'management group

No model working, right this second commands more covers and campaigns than the iconic Miss Moss. The girl who once memorably opined "Never complain. Never explain." has certainly gotten the last word.

1. Gisele Bundchen

New York:IMG
London:IMG London
Paris:IMG Paris
Hamburg:Model Management
Copenhagen:2pm Model Management
Milan:IMG Milano

It'll be a long time before any other model will nab anything like the $25 million dollar Victoria's Secret mega-contract that put Ms Bundchen on the map five years ago. Though she has since then moved on from the brand Gisele still looms as the highest earning model on the planet and remains one of the only two models who actually can move mags on the newsstands.

The relationship between the latest top model, the established elite supermodel and high earnings can be seen in a vogue post I featured recently.

The key to a long career at the top is maintaining high profile exposure and year on year contracts with exclusive brands.

Models.com a great source for industry news

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ask Jason Photographer relted questions.


I am going to make time to be available to answer your questions as best I can regarding the business of photography, techniques, lighting, approach to all aspects of this fiercely competitive business.

Feel free to send me your questions. I’ll get to them as soon as I can offering my thoughts.

Model/ Dancer profiles and content.

Model and dancer profile and content require someone specialised to create just what "THE" agency's are looking for right now. Your pictures will need to be produced with "THE" look, their look.

Marketing yourself as a model or dancer? Agency representation and personal web based profiles are always going to be high on your to do list, you simply cannot market yourself without them.

Creating your own site and profile allows you to keep anyone looking at you a feel for where you are at right now, and your history.

Fashion buyers looking at new labels like to see consistency and development before they buy in, take something from this, market yourself with relevant and modern material.
Keep the content up to date and make use of video to showcase your showreel.

Great images are essential, in the case of dancers and increasingly models the videos are an important component to create a strong profile.

Here is a link to the website for professional dancer/ model Lee Bridgman click here

Below is a model profile video produced by me a few months ago.

A video BLOG is coming soon that will discuss model and dancer portfolio's separately and in more detail.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Video BLOG Episode 1, Hello Let's get going

A short intro, lets get going.

I am hoping the regular video entry's will be interesting for you the viewer.

It is my plan to take you on location give you an insight to my work and also be open to answer questions you may have.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Location test shooting.

I prefer to see new locations in advance of working them.

The camera settings I use are a default, they give me an idea of shadows, how they fall, strength of natural light, at a given time in the day. 

I generally prefer to shoot higher shutter speeds rather than slow ones. The camera mode I use is AV.

Testing helps rule in or out what your going to be doing in your shooting schedule.

Clients often like to see these test shots to give them an idea of where your going creatively with their project/event.


Finding suitable locations can take a while, the test shots also confirm to me the type of equipment that will be needed on the day.

How long does it take to test shoot, minutes, your experience will tell you what's workable and importantly what's not.

Models.com Top 3 Models.

The world's top three models right now as defined by Models.com is....

3. Karlie Kloss [profile]

Karlie Kloss by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia December 2011

Photo: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia December 2011

New York:Next Models NY
London: Next London
Paris:Next Paris
Milan:Next Milan
Copenhagen:2pm Model Management

Karlie Kloss for Pringle and Nina Ricci as well as Vogue Italia with Meisel and virtually every single significant runway in sight makes this tall and lean American a major must-have of the moment.

3. Anja Rubik [profile]

Anja Rubik photo David Bailey for i-D Winter 2011

Photo: David Bailey for i-D Winter 2011

New York:Next Models NY
London:Next London
Paris:Next Paris
Milan:Next Milan
Barcelona:Traffic Models
Berlin:seeDS management
Copenhagen:2pm Model Management

A long term must book for Chloe, former OTM notable Anja had a monster FW05 season in Paris and is still being lensed fitfully by Inez and Vinoodh while appearing religiously in Vogue/Bazaar. She rocks!

2. Joan Smalls [profile]

Joan Smalls photo Steven Meisel fro Vogue Italia

Photo: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia March 2012

New York:IMG
London:IMG London

A massive show season... unmatched editorial demand and major campaign interest marks Ms Smalls as THE early breakout star of the FW 10 season.

2. Natasha Poly [profile]

Photo: Willy Vanderperre for i-D August 2011
Natasha Poly Photo: Willy Vanderperre for i-D August 2011

New York:Women Model Management

London:Select Model Management
Milan:Women Milan
Barcelona:Traffic Models
Hamburg:Mega Model Agency
Paris:Women Paris
Copenhagen:Scoop Models
Natasha bolted away from the FW 04 pack as the girl of that season with the continued support of French Vogue. Now as the multi-product face of Gucci, she's finally evolved into that lucrative must-book she was always meant to be.

1. Lara Stone [profile]

Lara Stone Photo: Mert & Marcus for Calvin Klein F/W 11

Photo: Mert & Marcus for Calvin Klein F/W 11

New York:IMG
London:IMG London
Paris:IMG Paris
Milan:IMG Milano
Sydney:Priscilla's Model Management

And they said it would never happen in our lifetime... namely a model who is a cultural sensation...But Ms. Stone is that rare model who sells not only campaign product but moves covers (see Interview, Love, W, Vogue Paris) inspires designers (see Marc Jacobs for Vuitton SS 10) and confirms that a compelling personality makes fashion all that more vivid and dynamic.

So... the top three is held by five.

For people new to the industry the reason this article is posted in this way is not only to show the rankings but also who is connected with who.

Each agency is like a family, so one's success is also another's.

Every one has their part to play, including the photographer in developing and being successful.

Also worth reading: TOP Model earners.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Richest Supermodels, Vogue UK Story.

The richest supermodels right now, as reported by Vogue UK is...

GISELE has been named the world's richest supermodel for the sixth consecutive year, according to Forbes' annual chart.

Gisele Bundchen Vogue paris june 12 photo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Photo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

The Brazilian beauty, who is one of seven Victoria Secret Angels to make the list of 10, has reportedly made earnings of $45 million (£28.9 million) in the past 12 months - thanks to lucrative endorsement deals with Espirit, Pantene, Versace, as well as her Ipanema flip-flop line.

Following Gisele's lead is
2) Kate Moss with earnings of $9.2 million (£5.91 million), then
3) Natalia Vodianova in third place with $8.6 million (£5.5 million),
4) Adriana Lima at number four with $7.3 million (£4.6 million),
5) Doutzen Kroes at five with $6.9 million (£4.4 million).
6. Alessandra Ambrosio - $6.6 million (£4.2 million)  
7. Miranda Kerr - $4 million (£2.5 million)
8. Lara Stone - $3.8 million (£2.4 million)
9. Carolyn Murphy - $3.5 million (£2.2 million)
10. Candice Swanepoel - $3.1 million (£1.9 million)

That's the model high earners, from my conversations with models starting out on a top level career the life experience and travel is the big draw.

Original post link http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2012/06/15/forbes-richest-supermodels---gisele-and-kate-moss

Photographers gear, buy what you need.

Photographers gear, buy what you need. There is so much you can choose from, choosing what you need is not an easy decision, spend wisely.

Choosing the wrong equipment for sure will cost you again further down the line, nothing good is cheap in this game

Buy what you need, if you are unsure try RENTAL first.

calumet where the pros go

In the UK and USA Calumet provide an excellent rental services, at the time of posting they will deduct the rental if you then decide to buy that item after the rental. Check this out.

A summary of the equipment you will likely need.

Body and Lens buy the best you can afford, the lens is critical I would always recommend the L or pro series lens. Avoid cheap glass, you really need the best lens as they will likely stay with you from body to body.

If you need external flash get it off camera, I have a bracket like the press use.

Grey card, get into using a custom white balance to help create natural tones,

Reflectors,  silver/ white and gold/ white, bigger the better.

Printer, the Epson R3000 is very good to A3+  You need to proof your work, choose a suitable print profile in your workflow.

Screen calibration, either do this manually with the help of a test file and print from someone like peak-imaging or with a calibration device. Some screens display slightly blue caution adjusting for the screen, print a sample.

Software, I work between Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop CS5, industry standard.

Print paper, I use the Calumet Brillant Lustre paper (10x15) for most test printing.

This list is for general photography, as you get deeper into your given area you will need other equipment, master this group and your on track.

too much camera gear

Experience will bring you the best results so don't get bogged down in the gear side, keep it simple to start with, enjoy more.

Good luck.

www.calumetphoto.co.uk Manchester number +44(0) 161 274 0500 the store is worth a visit, else give them a call, very friendly and experienced.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ad Agency Guide To Photography Usage Terms by Jerry Avenaim

Photography usage, controlling the use or misuse of your work.

Portrait of actress Halle Berry chosen as Picture of the Year by People Magazine, photo Jerry Avenaim web www.avenaim.com

From simple image syndication, to editorial and advertising, it’s important to review in detail the scope of photo usage permissions as stated in any contract. Last year,  American Greetings used my cover photograph of Halle Berry as a greeting card without permission.

While my attorney battles with my syndication agency for the rights to the case (yes, my syndication agency has the right to sue before I do) that’s another story. Be very careful what you sign, and don’t sign anything before you’ve read it in its entirety. Indeed, a photographer friend of mine was shooting a celebrity portrait just last week. During the photo shoot, he was presented a contract that attempted to grab all the rights and ownership of the images. My friend caught the offending paragraph, let the talent’s manager know that that’s a nonstarter, and struck it from the contract. Had they been inflexible on that one point, the shoot would have ended right then. So if necessary, never hesitate to have your own legal council review any contract presented to you.

Remember I said my issue with American Greetings took place exactly this time last year? Well guess what? I was notified by a friend that my image is out on every rack of every CVS and Wal-Mart at this very moment as part of the card company’s line celebrating Black History month. This is a blatant infringement of my intellectual property. One which could have been caused by any series of events ranging from Ebony to American Greetings. And adding insult to injury, they credited another photographer my image! This case (if handled properly) could result in some serious damages.

Halle card on display at Walmart photographed by who?

It has been a long time coming that all these terms be described and explained. I’ve been asked these questions over the years, and they were always situation specific. Recently Rob Haggert the author of aphotoeditor.com put the terminology together in one fantastic article.
“With the current US copyright laws as they are applied now, artists own all rights to their created images and sell/transfer rights to agencies and their clients. All questionable negotiations have historically defaulted in favor of the artist. Technically, even minor modification of the art requires the artists’ permission. You are RENTING, not buying an image unless explicitly stated on the contract.
Generally, think of usage costs reflecting the amount of exposure a particular image may receive. The more exposure, the higher the price. Exact terminology may differ, but the semantics remain the same if all of the information is included in each negotiation. You can phrase it any way you want, but be clear about the INTENT by including information from all categories outline below. Talent usage is similar, but there are differences in how each medium is priced out: talent usage tends to be much more specific. Again, it is based on exposure. European terminology will differ from US terminology, particularly in the “Print” category. In Europe, “Print” includes anything that is not broadcast.”
If you want to learn more about billing language and the business of photography, check out his article! Click here to read on.

Happy Shooting,
Jerry Avenaim

I posted this article originally from Jerrys own blog link http://blog.avenaim.com/

Has this happened to me? you bet it has, a national expo thought it was a great idea to use images taken from my site as publicity for that designer who was attending without any payment or consent to use, the exact version they used was only available as a grab off my site.

Similar to Jerry's story it was a friend hundreds of miles away contacted me giving me the heads up.

Email as a marketing tool. BEWARE

Email as a marketing tool, use wisely and make your contact personal.
email logo

Every time I hit send or receive I am thinking what trash or useless email will come in this time.

The truth is very few inquiries come to me via email as the first link.

For me I prefer to make initial contact either face to face or by a phone call to establish who I need to be speaking with, to establish the decision maker.

When I was recruiting new positions as the head photographer for a large studio CV's that came in by email never inspired me as much as the tenacity and determination of those who dropped in, with their CV.

From experience these individuals always seemed to have more about them.

Now I am not saying this works for everyone but for me I was like come in, if you have made the effort I will too.

The written can be misunderstood where as like video a conversation is less ridged, you can often work out exactly what the client may want better.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Photographers Don’t Believe Everything You Read.

England have just won their football game against Sweden so there is just time post for one last post.

There is a lot of talk amongst photographers about settings.

The thing is this, situations arise when your working especially with natural light that can dictate which way you need to go. 

These circumstances mean all of the norms and my go to settings out of the window.

So have a plan A and plan B.

What I am concious of is this, I want to be shooting sooner rather than later, I want to get some results a hint of a good frame then I am happy.

Then it's time to refine.

Natasha Poly in 'Haute Couture'

Supermodels.nl is a site I refer as one of my go to sites.
You will find up to date work from today's relevant models and photographers.
A great site for fans of supermodels and industry professionals alike.
Photographed by Mario Sorrenti
Scanned by glossyn - Vogue Paris April 2012
Natasha Poly in Haute Couture by Mario Sorrenti Vogue Paris April 2012
Natasha Poly in Haute Couture by Mario Sorrenti Vogue Paris April 2012
Natasha Poly in Haute Couture by Mario Sorrenti Vogue Paris April 2012
Natasha Poly in Haute Couture by Mario Sorrenti Vogue Paris April 2012
Natasha Poly in Haute Couture by Mario Sorrenti Vogue Paris April 2012
Natasha Poly in Haute Couture by Mario Sorrenti Vogue Paris April 2012

In a world that goes so fast, working so hard.. sometimes just to stand still, this selection of images seem frozen in time.

Simply beautiful. 

Links to see more of
Natasha Poly on supermodels.nl http://www.supermodels.nl/natashapoly
Mario Sorrenti on supermodels.nl http://www.supermodels.nl/photographers/mariosorrenti

Natasha Poly in 'Haute Couture' Photographed by Mario Sorrenti
Reported in full here : http://www.supermodels.nl/Pages/NewsArticle.aspx?subject=natasha-poly-in-haute-couture&id=5379

www.supermodels.nl a great place for information on today's relevant models, photographers and industry news.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

"Advance your skills" dslr video and photography workshops.

My dslr video and photography workshops offer you the opportunity to work with me and access the latest equipment with my exclusive host CALUMET.


I have already posted about my "How to" series of workshops aimed at the young photographers to help them get going.

Camera menu's can appear complicated, my dslr video, open photography workshops or 1 to 1 training offer access to help you shortcut steep learning curve and get to producing quickly.

"Advance your skills" is the next step learning with practical and discussion how to use dslr equipment more in depth.


With practical and discussion these workshops show you how to produce an output of commercial quality and value.

To view my own workshop schedule on my site
To view my events hosted exclusively with Calumet

Top 3 Male Models

Top 3 male models in the world as reported by Models.com are

3. Clement Chabernaud

</b></font><font face= 
Photo: Willy Vanderperre for Prada Men S/S 11

New York:Wilhelmina New York
Barcelona:Sight Management Studio
Paris:Success Models
Milan:d'management group

London:FM Agency

He was the face of Jil Sander for several seasons which means his epicene features became instantly recognizable in every men's magazine on the market. With multiple seasons of Jil Sander, followed by Cavalli and Prada, Clement's distinctive profile makes his mark on the industry. 

2. Simon Nessman

simon nessman by Photo: Bruce Weber for Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Essenza SS 12

This pre-Raphaelite beauty exudes an innocence and romantic beauty unlike any other model out there. We love that the former MOTW keeps his curls intact. Season after season, his impeccable showings in the campaign/editorial/runway madness reflect what an incredible life force this young man exudes. Important to remain inimitable, no?  

1. Sean O'Pry

simon opry Photo: David Sims for Vogue Hommes International SS 12

The great ones stay constant and coveted in the eyes of fashion's key clients. The truth of that is the enviable career that Sean Opry has chalked up. Like every prior No 1 Sean has consistently kept brands such as Versace, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Armani in his booking camp. More importantly he looms as one of the great memorable presences in men's modeling. Here's to a definitive long distance runner.

If you want to see who is linked to who, the looks, trends etc etc this is a site I would recommend.

Thanks to models.com for being a great site www.models.com 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jay Z and Kanye Watch the Throne Tour visits the Manchester Arena.

Last night I was invited to a concert at the Manchester Arena,  Jay Z and Kanye Watch the Throne Tour.

The show opened with each artist on stages facing each other.

opening Jay Z and Kanye at MEN by Jason Harry

After the first track the stages they were stood on elevated above the audience, there was an amazing atmosphere, lasers, flames you name it.

opening Jay Z and Kanye at MEN by Jason Harry

Words really can't explain the energy in the MEN last night, the show exceed my expectations by a long long way.

 opening Jay Z and Kanye at MEN by Jason Harry

All photo's taken with my iphone, not the best quality but good enough as a memory.


Thanks to MEU for inviting me along, great night.

Another review of a London leg at the O2 has been posted here

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The new order of disorder by Fashion Photographer Benjamin Kanarek

Octopus Tentacles

… or a disorderly yet orderly train of thought…
I find it interesting how the title of ones function in my metier has evolved since I began this profession in the early 80′s. A Fashion Photographer was generally hired to capture images of men, woman and children adorned in this seasons most or least captivating clothing, that would be paraded in your local newspapers, catalogues or magazines.  Sometimes if you were really on a roll your images would be glorified on a poster or billboard.  This reality was the status quo for quite some time until the www. the world wide web entered the fold of important media to be considered in ones advertising marketing plan.

It was akin to the wild west and up until recently was still quite chaotic to say the least.  In fact, as we all know things are still in flux and will in my opinion remain so ad infinitum. But that isn’t really the point here.
We still thought that the status quo remained and we just needed to capture the images to be used in the above medium.  In fact a lot of more traditional Art Directors still think that is what we do.  Some very strange things started happening and the snowball effect become pretty evident.  Other people in the business started to take on other functions that would be normally considered inaccessible or tabu to consider.  Magazines were under pressure to bend to the whims of those wishing to take on those functions with little or no resistance from the Art Directors (considering their reduced importance in the metier since the late 90′s) or the Editors, as those designers were spending a fortune in advertising in their magazines and accepted their new multifunctional attributes with open arms.  The new paradigm began. The designer slash photographer slash creative director slash…was born.  Now that really isn’t the point here neither, as I believe in diversity and in the fact that being creative is being creative no matter what the tool used to express yourself with.

The “BIG SHAKE UP” was en route and there was nothing that was going to stop it.  Actresses became Top Models and Top Models became Actor Celebrities and Editors. Creative Directors became Stars and the Marketing PR companies adapted by producing and churning out new Human Product by the Dozens Daily! It didn’t really matter what you achieved or how capable you were, as that capacity or quality of output was left to the technicians to make happen based on the story board being created for the masses to assimilate, digest and to later regurgitate.
Blurred Lines
The mix was becoming more and more complex and the lines defining ones profession were becoming more and more blurred until we couldn’t really say for certain that what one did was really what they did or was it just facade.  But then again that isn’t really the issue here as that IS the reality, so get over it.

As a caveat, and in my classic form, I am meandering, because I am writing this quite spontaneously as usual and will do my best to get back to what I think the point of this is. Oh yeah, “The New Order”.  Well the New Order is not really a good title as it really isn’t very orderly at all.  It is rathe chaotic to say the least.  But there is something very comforting in that chaos and that is, that diversity and thinking on ones feet and quickly either adapting to change or being responsible for those changes is more or less the order of the day.
Functional Overlap
I am seeing so many blurred undefined or defined yet unbelievable multi faceted beings out there, that if I did need to task someone with a job, I honestly wouldn’t know which part of their definition I could confidently employ.  Expertise is becoming a more and more rare breed in our not so well defined metier.

So, when I see that photographer slash creative director slash magazine owner slash blogger slash videographer slash retoucher slash celebrity slash sex icon slash advertising agency owner and even clothing designer on their resume I am no longer as surprised and gob struck as I was when THAT reality hit me smack in the face. By the way you can mix and match any of the above and the formula can still work.  You can call it Model slash Photographer slash Creative Director slash Clothing Designer slash Actress slash, etc.

Is all of the above needed to survive in this marketplace today?  Perhaps. As without diversity, you will have difficulty remaining competitive. But you better be really good at all of it, otherwise…well you know.

If you don’t, don’t worry.  Just set up a meeting with a very good Public Relations company and they will give you the run down.

How do I feel about all of this? Ok! As I too am guilty of being that multi faceted multi tentacled Octopus.

To see more from Benjamin Kanarak visit http://www.benjaminkanarekblog.com I like his take on the world of fashion and the changing relationship with photographers and other creatives.

Friday, 8 June 2012

"How to" photography series.

For the new comer to photography or for those with more experience wanting a fresh take, my "How to" series offers you access to direct specialist photography training.

My "How to" series is offered 1 to 1 basis, small group, or open workshop.

Topics covered include 
Understanding the basics of camera operation
Mastering Manual mode
Studio and/or ambient light shooting
Workflow from capture to print
Mastering the Canon Speedlite system
Creating video with high end HD DSLR camera's

My experience in various sectors, shooting for agency's, creating images for dancers and more can be delivered to both the individual or businesses.

Contact me if you wish to enquire about any course listed, or if you wish one specialised or tailored to your own needs.

For more information about photography training with Jason Harry email jason@jasonharry.com

Fashion Police News Report: Photographer Jason Harry speaks to Fashion Police

Mr Jason Harry
1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
Jason Harry, full time photographer

2)There are so many people doing what you do what makes you different?
My work has its own style, look, feel. It is very personal to me, a lot of effort goes into revealing something truthful about the person in front of me. I work well under pressure. I like breaking barriers.

3)What word best describe you as a person?
Strong minded, creative, caring, passionate about what I do.

4)When not working what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I am always working, or thinking about what I should be doing next. I like contrast in my life so maybe a concert is good one minute and watching motor racing at Silverstone on another day.

5)Do you think your a true representation of a today's man?
Dunno, I just try to enjoy what I do and appreciate the people close to me, family, friends or in business.

6)What attracts you to someone?
ah ha, well a combination of strong personality, gentleness and beauty,

7)What are a few things women do that makes you mad?
No individual things i am easy really, cool people i like to be around the others, move on.

8)If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?
ha ha erm, 

9)If you was to stay home on valentines night with your lover what would you cook and wear?
I would want to cook something they would really enjoy, wearing something casual, relaxing.

10)How can someone from the other side of the world learn more about you and view your work?
visit www.jasonharry.com or fly me to them, look at the videos youll get a vibe from my work quickly.

11)If you was given the chance to do a shoot with 3 people of your choice who would it be and why?
Kate Moss, she has a certain look and has been in the industry so long, wow
Lara Stone Stunning
Will.i.am think he has a certain energy that would amazing as a front page shot on my site.

12)What advice you have for anyone who wants to do what your now doing?
Pay professionals to teach you how to, with out learning it yourself in key areas
lighting, styling, post production

13)Who are your 3 best friends you would ride and die for?
My close friends are the few, and I am open about a lot but like to be quite private too, contrast.

14)What makes a good model in front of the camera?
Energy, confidence, its easy to say x model has it, but be playful, work the camera on a sub concious level, work towards key shots, models who are critical of their work when reviewing and know what they are there to produce, its easy to do so dont make it hard.

15)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?
if you do it well teach, who cares, all hands to the deck.

16)Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I really dont know, i push to be the best fate will work with or against me getting to the top

17)What are a few things people say about you that is not true that you would love to address here?
I am very driven, a strong vision is good but also is ability to listen and take on board comments, thats how my work evolves. work review listen learn repeat.

18)Are you single/married/divorce?
Single, made a concious decision to stay while I was pushing so hard, no distractions, my work is important.I have a daughter who loves me and I want to give her the best opportunities in life.

19)What music would have you running to the dance floor to shake your booty?
I like dance so right now I dunno, 

20)What do you love most when dancing with someone?

21)How can someone be more photogenic?
Know the angles that work for them, connect mentally with the photographer and make amazing photographs, use colours in your outfit to compliment

22)If the fashion Police was to have dinner at your place what would you prepare?
Whatever you liked else a takeaway so we can talk if in a rush, I like to relax with friends

23)What is one thing you just can't leave home without?
Big Erm, typically my camera, i should take it everywhere but I feel like i never want to think oh god i got that thing with me, i like to be creative, i prefer to only have it with me when i am in the zone, i need that separation.

24)If you had the chance to change the world of fashion what would you change and why?
Attitudes, some people block you because of the status quo, protecting this that or the other
live once and enjoy, give people a break.

25)Any last words for our blog readers?
Be the best you can by dedicating yourself, eat live and breath it, don't be deterred or sidelined
go where you are appreciated, be happy, be critical of your work, plan your progress, keep a diary,
target you wish list clients with absolute precision & good luck.

Original post was her, & thanks.