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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

VIDEO Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 2012

Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 2012 Featuring Lara Stone, Myles Crosby and Janis Ancens. Directed by Steven Klein.

ISO 25,600 with the Canon 1DX.

Above, the Canon 1DX at ISO 25,600.

You may never need to push into this area but if you do.....

Below ISO 6,400, both unthinkable ISO's only a few years ago.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Canon 1DX Insane quality at ISO 25,600

Today I got chance to do some testing with the Canon 1DX, what a camera.

Without being geeky I am totally liking it.

We took some high ISO shots starting at ISO 6,400 skipping 12,800 instead jumping to 25,600, for a image in very low light, this camera will deliver.

For me producing video in low light conditions this camera offers greater depth of field potentials a big deal for me when shooting the longer focal lengths.

When I get chance will post up a couple of the sample images...what will the camera developers come up with next ...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Friday, 26 October 2012

NEW Firmware for Canon 5D mk3.. planned 2013.

Canon has unveiled plans for a new EOS 5D Mark III firmware designed to enhance shooting and improve video workflow.

The new firmware enables HDMI output functionality, ideal for professional videographers, as well as improved AF performance for photographers shooting with telephoto lenses.

Following feedback from cinema and TV production professionals, the new firmware includes ‘clean’ HDMI output, enhancing overall video editing and monitoring procedures.

Videographers will be able to output high-definition uncompressed video data (YCbCr 4:2:2, 8 bit) without any embedded icons or symbols, from the EOS 5D Mark III to an external recorder using the camera’s HDMI terminal.

The new functionality will enable easier editing of data with minimal image degradation for greater on-site workflow efficiency during production, as well as the option to record to the internal memory card at the same time.

The enhanced features also include outputting of time code over HDMI to an external recorder, as well as the ability to synchronise start and stop of video capture with the start and stop of recording to an external device*. The new firmware also enables real-time output to external monitors, ideally suited for on-set monitoring by the wider production team.

The new firmware also adds improved AF performance when capturing still images, opening up more advanced shooting possibilities for photographers. When using a lens and extender, resulting in a maximum f/8 aperture, the new firmware enables the camera to utilise the EOS 5D Mark III’s central dual cross-type focal points, currently only available up to an f/5.6 aperture.

The new capabilities allow sports and nature photographers to use AF when getting closer to distant subjects, achieving precision detail when using telephoto lenses.

The firmware will be free to download from April 2013.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

VIDEO Whitewall Galleries BEING BOND event.

Whitewall Galleries BEING BOND event, Manchester.

Theme Music by the John Barry Orchestra

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

BOND 007 Guns from the films.

Bond 007 Evening by Jason Harry
Bond 007 Evening by Jason Harry
Bond 007 Evening by Jason Harry

One of Manchester's Art galleries hosted a BOND evening last night, the invited guests enjoyed getting to grips with the official guns used in the making of the films.

Can you remember the 007 films these guns appeared in?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

007 Sean Connery

Bond Gun by Jason Harry

This is the actual gun used by Sean Connery in his last film as 007 Never Say Never again.

As the principle gun used by Sean Connery in that film it is one of a kind, highly collectable, insured today for £250,000.

This was one of the guns at a Bond event I covered in Manchester before the release the latest Bond movie Skyfall.

Will post more photos of the event with more Bond guns soon.

Monday, 22 October 2012

VIDEO Gisele Bundchen photoshoot with Mario Testino.

Gisele Bundchen Vogue UK December 2011 photoshoot with Mario Testino

Sunday, 21 October 2012

VIDEO Jennifer Lopez In Mario Testino Boxing Shoot For V Magazine

Jennifer Lopez In Mario Testino Boxing Shoot For V Magazine

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012

JINKKSY Autum Winter 2012 Collection

JINKKSY Autum Winter 2012 Collection was more about a complete new look rather than an update.

The brief was to produce images that would work with the new JINKKSY website, having a strong sense of identity. We did the shoot near LONDON at JINKKSY HQ.

The new Autumn Winter collection as featured on the homepage is...  below.

The weather on the day was good, great team of people ... watch out for more from JINKKSY.

Visit JINKKSY at www.jinkksy.com

Thursday, 18 October 2012

VIDEO Victoria's Secret - 2010 Commercial (by Michael Bay)

The famous Victoria's Secret commercial directed by Michael Bay

Agent Provocateur -- Always Remember ...

Agent Provocateur -- Always Remember your Agent Provocateurs Part 1.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Retouching Enhancing the Problem (temporarily)

There are a couple of good ways to temporarily alter the image to show up the problem areas and help you dodge and burn what you otherwise might miss. The first is simple, add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and pull the saturation slider to -100. After all, we’re dealing solely with luminosity, colour can be an unwanted distraction.

Secondly, you can use a curve to increase contrast to the areas you’re working on. The steepest part of a curve is the area of highest contrast, and we can manipulate this to help us work on problem areas. With this sample image I’m lucky enough to be able to significantly increase the steepness of the curve without losing much detail at either end;

This brings out a lot of detail that might otherwise be difficult to spot. To increase contrast in a specific area, such as the highlights in this collarbone, shift the curve so that the steepest part of the curve lies in the lightest part of the histogram;

Be aware that by doing this you’re decreasing contrast in the shadows and in danger of plugging the blacks, so you may need to steepen the curve there later to check you haven’t missed anything.

Group your de-saturation and contrast curve layers together and simply switch them off when you’re done.

Combating Colour Shifts

The problem with dodge and burn is that areas of shadow are more saturated than mid tones, and a lot more saturated than highlights. As we’re dealing solely with luminosity, those hues won’t change, meaning an area you’ve significantly lightened can appear over saturated and a darkened highlight can look ashy and dull.

To remedy this open two new Hue/Sat adjustment layers, one above each of your Dodge and Burn curves; Alt/Opt click between layers to clip a layer to the layer beneath. This means the effect of the clipped layer will only affect the appearance of the layer it’s clipped to. It will recognise masks, so clipping a Hue/Sat layer to your Dodge curve will affect only the dodged areas;

As we know that dark areas are likely to become (or rather remain) oversaturated when lightened, drop the saturation slider on your Burn adjustment. And as lighter areas are less saturated and will to remain so when darkened, raise the saturation slider for your Dodge adjustment. You can set the saturation slider according to how much of a shift you see in colour, frequently anywhere between no shift at all to plus or minus 20pts depending on the image.

Zoom in and check closely while you choose your slider setting, and don’t forget you can adjust the hue in the same dialog if you find it necessary.

Original Post Daniel Meadows a UK based professional retoucher viewable HERE.

EMINEM 40 today.

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

The Brit Attitude a Models.com feature.

Yuri Pleskun – Quilted jacket with front pockets – BURBERRY PRORSUM

The Brit Attitude

The most beautiful boys of the moment, dressed in designs from the always appealing house of Burberry. Modern meets classic, downtown cool meets uptown panache, British artistry meets an international cast and elegant portraits meet candid polaroids – experience it all only in MDX.

Photos by Kristiina Wilson for models.com
Style by Michelle Carimpong
All clothes provided by Burberry
Hair and make up: Kerrie jordan for Koh gen do
Assistant : Matthew Newman

James Smith – Cardigan with Velvet weaving – BURBERRY LONDON

Jamie Strachan – Crewneck tshirt with Duck Graphic BURBERRY BRIT

David Agbodji – Fine knit henley – BURBERRY BRIT

Vincent LaCrocq – Black leather jacket – BURBERRY BRIT

Corey Baptiste – Distressed leather jacket – BURBERRY BRIT

Yannick Abrath – Striped tshirt – BURBERRY BRIT

River Viiperi – Metallic leather bomber jacket – BURBERRY PRORSUM

Lenz von Johnston – Fine knit vneck sweater – BURBERRY LONDON

Harry Goodwins – Cotton Poplin shirt – BURBERRY PRORSUM

Daisuke Ueda – Cashmere blend striped rugby sweater – BURBERRY PRORSUM

Willy Cartier – Motorcycle jacket – BURBERRY LONDON

Original post at models.com HERE

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Create video with your DSLR. 2013 workshop dates confirmed.

My DSLR video Workshops with Calumet have been confirmed for early 2013 below

Thursday Friday 21st, 22nd  Belfast
February Thursday Friday 28th Feb, 1st March Drummond Street LONDON

March Thursday, Friday 7th, 8th Bristol
March Wednesday, Thursday13th,14th Edinburgh
March Thursday Friday 21st, 22nd  Glasgow
March Thursday, Friday 28th, 29th Birmingham

May Thursday, Friday 2nd 3rd Birmingham
May Thursday, Friday 9 and 10 Bristol
May Thursday, Friday 16 , 17th Edinburgh
May Thursday, Friday 23, 24th Manchester
May Thursday, Friday 30/ 31st Drummond Street LONDON

Day 1, Learn the basics.
Day 2, Advance your skills.

The workshop day starts at 10am, we aim to finish by 3pm.

DSLR video or Photography One to One sessions are also available as follows 9-10am, 3-4PM, 4-5pm for any DSLR training requirements, these are open to anyone whether you are booked on a workshop with me or not.

To see my scheduled events for dslr video and photography training with CALUMET
To see my scheduled events on my site

Monday, 15 October 2012

Buying photography gear v technique.

Buying photography gear v working on all areas of your technique, any good pro store will advise you on which camera body and lens will cover many bases.

For me a good body with a 24-70 pro lens will be good enough to learn and grow with, the next step is to take as many frames as you can.

Mastering your own creativity will take time, patience is a virtue, when you get to a comfortable level the camera will be like the steering wheel of a car, it helps you get there.

Training your eye is key, the people hooked on gear for me are missing something, Jay Maisel made a great video with Scott Kelby, his workshop fee is $5000 per person, the yearly or monthly membership over at Kelby training is worth it  just for access to Jay's video set in NY.

The Kelby training video titled "A day with Jay Maisel" can be viewed by subscribing over HERE

It surprises me how many photographers don't get into their camera, knowing every feature, also try looking outside photography for influence.

Enjoy your photography.

VIDEO Red Bull Stratos 120000 ft/36km jump Felix Baumgartner

Red Bull Stratos 120000 ft/36km jump Felix Baumgartner

Some things are meant to be done, some people do the extreme to push the boundaries... just because.

The first capture at altitude is amazing. 

The first person next to him on landing, a photographer.

Thank god all went well.

The state of HDR photography.

There seems to be two camps with HDR photography those that love, or those that hate.

The RAW files being as powerful as they combined by creating multiple copies of the same files using the PS smart object via copy function allow us to create two or more fully editable files from one single RAW file, in my case Canon's .CR2 format.

Caution when using the highest quality settings, a two layer 22mp file can easily run to 250mb PSD file size.

Good management of the master file, produced with a push and a pull in mind is as much as I need 99% of the time.

Matt Kloskowski and photographer Brian Matiash discuss HDR the state of play at Scott Kelbys "The Grid" HERE

Sunday, 14 October 2012

VIDEO Emporio Armani Summer 2010 - Christiano Ronaldo by Marcus Piggott & Mert Alas

Emporio Armani Summer 2010 - Christiano Ronaldo by Marcus Piggott & Mert Alas

I like this video, behind the scenes, the wider view showing the production process.

X FACTOR dancer LEWIS by Jason

Recently photographed Lewis who is a dancer on X factor this year, cool guy who got straight into his shoot.

Keep watching for this guy... .

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild, directed by Mert and Marcus

Directed by Mert and Marcus

Produced by Madonna, B. Benassi, A. Benassi

View more from Mert & Marcus, great photographers here

Website update & whats new at jasonharry.com

With the dismal summer gone, winter settling in it was time for some new content, the website front page and blog have fresh imagery with more images and video content to be uploaded soon.

More frequent video posts from me will be coming this way, next up a brief video showing the equipment I use with my basic DSLR video setup, I have found there is real benefit to both sides of my photography and video work using the Calumet monitor.

The Calumet monitor featured a week or two back is really good for preview or play back, am finding it great for checking the details and critical focus, a sound investment.

Friday, 12 October 2012

VIDEO Gucci Spring Summer 2012 / Campaign Video

For Gucci, Spring Summer 2012 / Campaign Video

How print campaigns and video should work together.

In the video 
Abbey Lee Kershaw
Greg Nawrat
Karmen Pedaru

Camilla Nickerson - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Luigi Murenu - Hair Stylist
Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott - Director
Harrison Boyce - Director of Photography
Nathaniel Brown - Director of Photography

SOUND Zoom H4N for photographers making video.

Last week I posted about the Zoom H1N, a great entry level external mic.

Also in the Zoom product range is the H4N.

For those who need good quality sound, the Zoom products are worth looking at. Having had various on camera mics the zoom offers greater flexibiilty.. fantastic for interviewing people, capturing ambient sound etc.

As with every new hardware device a little time is needed to figure out the menu system, after an hour or so with my new Zoom mic had the basic operation figured out, produced a file, downloaded from the device to my computer.

Below is a video about the Zoom H4N for those serious about better sounding.. sound.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bracketing Exposures, experiment.

Bracketing Exposures, experiment with the look.

First thing I do before a shoot starts is take multiple exposures of the scene to work out what is a maybe and what is a no go.

Experimenting is something that helps me grow, Jay Maisel a NY photographer routinely shoots his first frame on, one frame over and one frame under. He does this not to HDR the image, more to decide which file is the best as a starting point. What file is going to work best for him.

For photographers starting out  with a camera that has live view, use the function, if it looks good on the back of the screen and you trust that preview to be faithful, keep it, press the shutter release.

Make use of all the tools available in camera, to increase you chances of making good frames.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

VIDEO Magic Lantern for Canon 5d mk2

Magic Lantern introduction from Trammell Hudson on Vimeo.

Haven't run the software on my camera's, although I have known about it for sometime.

The continued development isn't by the original developer, some say later versions are less stable.

Re SOUND, ZOOM produce external mic recording solutions. They start at under £100, you will need to align the in camera capture and the replacement audio in post.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Monday, 8 October 2012

Mugler S/S 2013


VIDEO Born to be a model.

In this Video:
Anja Konstantinova
Ashley Smith
Ava Smith
Chrystal Copland
Deimante Misiunaite
Heidi Mount
Irina Denisova
Merethe Hopland
Tian Yi
Vika Falileeva

Credits for this Video::

Thierry LeGoues (Photographer)
Marcell Rocha (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Ava Smith features on Models.com on their Hot list, Ava Smith has been working quietly since '05, but this year the Chicagoan stunner came into her own with a catwalk sweep that was nothing short of impressive. Blessed with elegance, grace and undeniable charm, Ava's classic look has graced the cover of V Magazine and campaigns for Burberry, Max Mara & Topshop. See more of Ava here

I like this photo of Ava for Topshop, its simplicity.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Photographng the twins, London dancers.

Photographed two London based dancers a few weeks back.

We were meant to do this shoot before the Olympics, anyway... here are a few images from that shoot.

Models.com NEW FACE MOTW Jourdan, images by ...me.

Photographed Jourdan for his feature on Models.com recently.

A few of the images selected by models.com to feature Jourdan as their NEW FACE model of the week are below.

Jourdan said in his interview for Models.com what he thought about his home town, London.

"Best thing about London is the people that live here. Everyone’s different, and there’s always something going on!"

Totally agree with him, sure he is going to do well, all the best to him and AMCK.

Full Models.com post featuring Jourdan viewable here

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Coming Soon...

This was a fantastic shoot.. more to come.