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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

VIDEOS Colour v Black and White Part 2

Colour V Black and White, we design our media to work on multiple platforms and individually style them to suit every client.

Do you go entirely Black and White or wish to retain some colour design features.

The version here is a one minute section of a total film length 1min 05, the longer file has end credits to match the intro plus address and contact details, which on the Instagram platform I would suggest you have them in the account details or with the post itself.

Clients often like to work with one rather than multiple files, so in this case we recommended to them the following options

1) upload the full file, if the platform allows 1 min 05 length,
2) upload the file once the last 5 seconds have been trimmed out, no end credits, file length 1min
3) upload the trimmed file from 02 seconds to 1 min 02 seconds, intro and end credits are both retained.

Shooting a film like this can be done either in one session or over a couple, which ever is the best way to capture great content either film or photography or both, we recommend both.

John Hodson www.john-hodgson.com
Manchester Photographer Jason Harry www.jasonharry.com

Friday, 15 February 2019

Videos Colour or Black and White Part 1.

Colour Version

We shoot video and stills for a wide range of clients.

With vast experience in Fashion and Lifestyle we always bring a modern creative edge that our clients love to play with when producing modern media for them: either to promote their brand, product or themselves.

As part of that offering we dual shoot both colour and black and white and offer both as final options.

Being able to match video and stills in today's digital platforms is essential, we create our own custom looks, that can often be off loaded straight from camera for immediate web use, we can do that for you too!!

Get in touch for a friendly chat about your next assignment.

Black and White, is always an option.

John Hodgson www.john-hodgson.com

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry www.jasonharry.com

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Motorsport Show Reel

We love to shoot emotive and grabbing projects, Motorsport to us is all about performing at the limits not just turning up; so capturing the energy, real interactions and emotions is key

This show reel was filmed with Chevron, Blancpain, British GT, Goodwood and others. The clips show how we approach filming in a fluid and story telling way.

We are always creative, reasonably priced and easy to work with.

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry :: www.jasonharry.com
call 07896 472864

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Creating Multimedia for Instagram Feed and Story

We love creating media designed to be used on multi platform, its the best way for us to spend our time creating assets clients can use in multiple places to reinforce or deliver their message in a modern way.

The post above and the actual asset below can be emailed to viewers from the posted or by email using the file below as the file type is  open an source .mp4 we can also be save in a .mov format if you prefer.

Black and White is to us classic, it's a style our clients like to work with, it draws you to the subject more, perfect for actors dancers and models making a first impression with casting directors and brands.

This type of asset works perfectly alongside a stills package as both can be produced in the same session whether in natural light or a studio setup.

Source asset :: Model Gabriel

Square format

The square format originally a Instagram design is now also supported by Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We think the square video stands out and is a refreshing look but so too is the

Portrait format
Instagram Story a portrait format, this is an option we can build into a conventional video shoot.

To use this video within an Instagram portrait style feed, we deleted the square overlay from the design process.

Contact me to discuss how we can create modern content like this for your agency, brand or the discerning private client.

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry :: www.jasonharry.com
email :: jasonh11@hotmail.com

call :: 07896 472864

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

A winters morning in Manchester ...

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry - Selfie

There's always time for a selfie

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry - A winters walk

Two Walking

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry - Reflections


The best camera you have is the one in your pocket, when you have the time or the inclination capture what you see.

#fashion #lifestyle #commercial #photographer 

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry :: www.jasonharry.com

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Brit Rapper Simmy from 2007

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry
Rapper Simmy by Manchester Photographer Jason Harry

An image straight from our image bank of 2007.

We shot this image with Simmy in a mixed light location, a lot of our work is shot this way. The site near Manchester has recently been developed which is a shame as we enjoyed using it a number of times over the years.

We love creating images that show identity, we also like our kit to be flexible and highly portable. Back in 2007 the small Canon strobes used had to be linked either with a commander unit on camera or using a trigger that was not always reliable in either strong sunlight, over any distance or tight angles.

Luckily for me I found Michael Bass Designs in the USA, he most graciously modified a number of Canon 580EX for me to work with my Bowen's triggers up to 100m away from me in any conditions... this was a game changer for me for sure. This also freed up other shooting possibilities.

If you are a photographer looking to extend your kit workflow and creativity check his offerings and see if any would help you!!

If you are wanting great imagery for your or brand identity get in touch, we would love to speak with you.


Manchester Photographer Jason Harry www.jasonharry.com
Michael Bass Designs http://michaelbass.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

John "Mr Condition" Hodgson IFBB Pro, Training at ULTRAFLEX Normanton.

We visit one of the UKs best equipped Gym facilities as John trains with owner Charlie Marsdon at his ULTRAFLEX Gym Normanton.

Up close and personal John has plans for 2019, so this installment is an insight to his normal condition with some extra attention to diet, you may recall I photographed him in the lead up to his birthday, this was a month or so after we did that session for him in at Hollingworth Gym in Manchester.

John says "Training is the stimulus/catalyst for growth and growth can only start to occur providing you train correctly and overload the muscles by progressively increasing the weights you lift over a period of time.By training in such a manner the muscles are forced to adapt by becoming bigger and stronger, this is termed as Progressive overload." LinksJohn Hodgson :: http://www.john-hodgson.com/Charlie Mardon :: https://www.instagram.com/cjmardon/?h...Ultraflex Normanton :: https://www.ultraflexgym.co.uk/ultra-...Manchester Photographer Jason Harry :: http://www.jasonharry.com/