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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

VIDEO EMERICA Skateboard Team - Full ON.

I was filming this event for the new skateboard park in Manchester, they told me well in advance it would get really busy, it was rammed.

The guys visiting really worked it for the fans, I did not envy them in any way as the concrete floor looked unforgiving to those who came off.

My setup that evening was the Canon 1DX (5dmkii as spare setup) with the Calumet video rig providing camera stability. When the venue got packed me moving about was not happening, those guys on the boards were fast moving, a full on collision wasn't on my to do list.

Lens choice was the 17-40 and a 24-70, both L series glass.

There was more kit with me like the mic and such with even more in the bag, no time or space for the video tripod, just too risky given the amount of people, too high a risk.

So that is that, it was a blast and as you can see the EMERICA guys really worked it for the crowd, top guys.

Find out more about skateboard legend Andrew Reynolds and the EMERICA brand here

Friday, 26 April 2013

Emerica Skateboarding Team (USA) visit Manchester

Shot some video of Emerica a Skateboarding team earlier this evening while they were visiting a brand new skateboard park in Manchester. This video is just one piece of that footage.

Great atmosphere, venue was packed, the guys were cool.

Full edit to follow.

Visit the Emerica site HERE

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mastering Canon Speedlites in Camera.

Since 2007 most Canon DSLR's have the capability to control Canon Speedlite's that are off camera from the camera body.

In the Canon 5DMKII it is easy enough find the first menu as below.

Mastering off camera flash with Jason harry

You will need a compatible flash setup to be able to get the camera and flash to talk, when you try and get past the second menu you will find out if the system you are using is good to go.

Mastering off camera flash with Jason harry

If you can now see the menu below the camera and flash are talking to each other.

Mastering off camera flash with Jason harry

If you can't see this menu you will need to invest in a compatible flash like the 580EXII or 600EXRT.

Non Canon transmitters that allow off camera flash to work using ETTL mostly do not work natively with this camera function.

For this Canon function to work from the camera you need either a two flash setup. One on camera (master) and one off camera (slave) or use the STE3 on camera and a compatible flash (slave) off camera. The final option which is bespoke is my hard wired cable that link the camera and flash.

My hard wired solution is an adapted ETTL cord modified to allow further additional sections to be attached enabling just one flash unit to be used off camera and controlled from the camera body.

When is it desirable to make adjustments in camera rather than directly on the flash unit? When the flash is remote or up high. Making the adjustments in camera is much quicker, safer and easier than taking a lighting rig down.

More to follow.

Monday, 22 April 2013

LOOK BOOK for 883 Police

www.jasonharry.com homepage is now showing a selection of images from my shoot with Denim Brand 883 Police.

This commercial shoot was for their season look book, we did the online shoot a few weeks later.

Lighting was made simple using boomed light, I prefer the lights to be up and over, it gives me much more free space around me.

There are two ways for me to get the lights up and away, one for the more heavy lifting is a dedicated stand and arm Calumet offer a great solution HERE. The alternative option for smaller shoots is using the C stand, a heavy duty stand that can take much more weight over the centre point due to it having a longer leading leg, depending on the height maybe wise to add some extra balast at the base, then this setup is good to go.

Will post more about booming light soon.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Khasan Brailsford - Shoot Part 2

Khasan Brailsford photographed by Jason Harry
Khasan Brailsford photographed by Jason Harry

Pinks Manchester concerts are now done and dusted so Khasan is off to Paris, the whole crew are returning to the UK for the Birmingham and London dates next week.

If you havent seen Pink and can get hold of a tickets do and go, the show is amazing.

The 2013 tour dates and some great reviews you can find  HERE

Khasan Brailsford photographed by Jason Harry

The first part to our shoot you can preview the images HERE

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Khasan Brailsford - Pink World Tour 2013

khasan brailsford photographed by jason harrykhasan brailsford photographed by jason harry
khasan brailsford photographed by jason harry
Khasan Brailsford is an international dancer represented by Bloc agency in L.A.

Khasan is in Manchester this weekend straight from Dublin with Pink The Truth About Love World Tour.

We had planned to shoot last year while Khasan was here with J.Lo Dance Again World Tour in the end we both couldn't do it.

Can't believe two years have passed since we first worked together.

Here is a sample of the images from our shoot today.

Enjoy your weekend.

We shot some more, see the extra shots HERE

Friday, 12 April 2013

VIDEO 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed Preview Day

A few weeks ago I posted a few short videos from the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed Preview Day.

Above is the full edit as a taster for those who want to know what to expect.

Over the three days12th - 14th July the event will be attended by over 180,000 people, not having been before I was blown away by the size and attention to detail.

If you want to go I suggest you get your tickets sooner rather than later. You will have a great day out!

To find out more visit http://www.goodwood.co.ukor for ticket info

VIDEO British GT Racing Team United Autosports - Opening Race, Oulton Park 2013.


The 2013 British GT racing series features a lineup of 32 exotic cars. this first race was held at Oulton Park in Cheshire, England.

Amongst the lineup were the expect Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Aston Martin and  Mclaren cars.

The weather on the weekend remained clear and sunny at times, but definitely COLD.

United Autosports are a UK and USA based team that race in this series and other international motorsport series.

This team film was made  over the weekend of the first race, working around the team as they worked together to get the cars ready and keep the cars out on the track.

Equipment used  Canon 5diii, video rig, video tripod, some scenes had to be hand held,

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

VIDEO McLaren Final Prep in the Team Garage

With the first driver already in car the team work around the McLaren to get it to the track.

The car heads out from the team garage to the pit lane where it will make its way around the track to the start finish line.

All cars are then held on the gird for a few minutes.

The British GT racing series have one out lap under a pace car with the race commencing from a rolling start.

Teams work.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

VIDEO McLaren and Audi R8 GT3 Driver changes at Oulton Park

A United Autosports McLaren MP4-12C stops for a mandatory driver change during race two at Oulton park Easter weekend.

A United Autosports Audi R8 stops for a mandatory driver change.

A British GT race can be an hour or two hour duration, each team must make the driver changes within a specific time window.

Any sirens you can hear signify a warning to the pit lane that a race car is entering the pit lane area,.

Access to this area is strictly limited during the race.

VIDEO McLaren GT3 Race Car Attacks the Start Finish Straight at Oulton Park.

This Bank holiday weekend I was at Oulton Park with United Autosports making some racing team footage.

The weather stayed cold but sunny for the first races of the British GT's for 2013.

Over 400 individual car and team clips were taken over both days the full edit process will start shortly.

This is a short clip was from the Saturday practice session.

More to come soon.