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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

John "Mr Condition" Hodgson IFBB Pro, Training at ULTRAFLEX Normanton.

We visit one of the UKs best equipped Gym facilities as John trains with owner Charlie Marsdon at his ULTRAFLEX Gym Normanton.

Up close and personal John has plans for 2019, so this installment is an insight to his normal condition with some extra attention to diet, you may recall I photographed him in the lead up to his birthday, this was a month or so after we did that session for him in at Hollingworth Gym in Manchester.

John says "Training is the stimulus/catalyst for growth and growth can only start to occur providing you train correctly and overload the muscles by progressively increasing the weights you lift over a period of time.By training in such a manner the muscles are forced to adapt by becoming bigger and stronger, this is termed as Progressive overload." LinksJohn Hodgson :: http://www.john-hodgson.com/Charlie Mardon :: https://www.instagram.com/cjmardon/?h...Ultraflex Normanton :: https://www.ultraflexgym.co.uk/ultra-...Manchester Photographer Jason Harry :: http://www.jasonharry.com/

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