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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Mr Universe Contender Series with Lukas Gabis and his mentor John Hodgson

New year so is it a fresh start in the Gym for you?
Are you wanting to up your fitness game?

Here from my archives you can learn from one of body buildings best when it comes to training to build quality muscle. In this series Lukas Gabris is preparing to get in peak condition with John "Mr Condition" Hodgson for his qualification and eventual Mr Universe competition filmed in 2011.

So take your pic which body part you want to change first, these films are an insight of how two champions work together with the goal to achieve Lukas best condition ever?

John Hodgson needs little introduction, but for those not in the know he is world renowned for his muscle condition in competition and generally year round. 

Here John links with Lukas Gabris prior to his Mr Universe qualification in weekly workouts to check his progress and put him through the kind of workouts he would of done himself when he was preparing for his own shows. Johns is testing Lukas determination and work ethic to the limit, at times pushing him past his own natural limits.


Lukas jumps in at the deep end with John in this leg session.


Abdominal's or Core, Lukas is again taken into new waters with John's techniques for working this area.


Lukas gets stuck in with John once again, follow this schedule yourself if you are looking to improve your chest development.


If you want to create shoulders like boulders this routine might work for you. Lukas is here with John and it's another grueling session delivered by John Hodgson.

John Hodgson :: http://www.john-hodgson.com/
Manchester Photographer Jason Harry :: http://www.jasonharry.com/

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