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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

VIDEOS Colour v Black and White Part 2

Colour V Black and White, we design our media to work on multiple platforms and individually style them to suit every client.

Do you go entirely Black and White or wish to retain some colour design features.

The version here is a one minute section of a total film length 1min 05, the longer file has end credits to match the intro plus address and contact details, which on the Instagram platform I would suggest you have them in the account details or with the post itself.

Clients often like to work with one rather than multiple files, so in this case we recommended to them the following options

1) upload the full file, if the platform allows 1 min 05 length,
2) upload the file once the last 5 seconds have been trimmed out, no end credits, file length 1min
3) upload the trimmed file from 02 seconds to 1 min 02 seconds, intro and end credits are both retained.

Shooting a film like this can be done either in one session or over a couple, which ever is the best way to capture great content either film or photography or both, we recommend both.

John Hodson www.john-hodgson.com
Manchester Photographer Jason Harry www.jasonharry.com

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