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Friday, 15 February 2019

Videos Colour or Black and White Part 1.

Colour Version

We shoot video and stills for a wide range of clients.

With vast experience in Fashion and Lifestyle we always bring a modern creative edge that our clients love to play with when producing modern media for them: either to promote their brand, product or themselves.

As part of that offering we dual shoot both colour and black and white and offer both as final options.

Being able to match video and stills in today's digital platforms is essential, we create our own custom looks, that can often be off loaded straight from camera for immediate web use, we can do that for you too!!

Get in touch for a friendly chat about your next assignment.

Black and White, is always an option.

John Hodgson www.john-hodgson.com

Manchester Photographer Jason Harry www.jasonharry.com

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