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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Creating videos that work for your brand or business.

When we are discussing new video projects with clients, we like to take a little time to understand the story so far and also their new journey. So our conversations are to understand exactly how we can add to that DNA creatively.

Personal Training and Testimonials

In advance, we build an asset list to shoot and keep in mind the visual messages we would like to deliver, shooting we approach in a natural and unscripted way.

In the top film, we filmed two clients working with Fitness Coach Ste at the Hollinwood Muscle and Fitness Gym and then sat with them afterward and let them tell us in their own words in one take about their experience and thoughts, as an insight to others.

Feature Promo Film

We used some common assets in both films, intro, end sequence, and a few clips.

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