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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Beginner's Guide to Photography buying the right DSLR.

As a Beginner's Guide to Photography buying the right DSLR is a question I get asked frequently, so for those people....

Priority in choosing your new camera
1) How does it feel in your hand (size / weight / ergonomics).
2) How much can you afford vs how much does it cost
3) What do you shoot, hence, what lenses will you use with it?
4) Will you be a casual low volume shooter or like a pro heavy use or extreme conditions.

My first serious expenditure was based on the above decision process, I wanted to know how durable the body was and whether the model was new technology.

My money is always invested in pro quality and the latest photography equipment.

I sold my first body a few years on with 280,000 actuations, it never failed me once. Thanks Canon.

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