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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Workshop HD DSLR

Today's Workshop HD DSLR, "How to".

This workshops is at intro level which is grouped under my "How to" series.

Opening as always I like to gather from attendees what brought them to me, i.e. what do you need to learn today so you can go away and do this topic... better.

There is a common theme got the gear, need to know how do perform a specific task or use x function. 

All workshops have an outline for each day, throughout the day we work into the schedule the attendees own specific training requirements where possible.

So how do I  structure the days learning? Lets work through the basics of operation of x y and z with some background discussions, mix in some practical putting the new knowledge into practice

Throughout the day we review the output from the practical sessions. Then go again to reinforce what we have done.

My workshops offer all my skills sets  "How to" basic/ intro, "Advance your skills" more advanced and specifically commercially orientated and finally "Bespoke" which is anything you want to learn.

All of my workshops can be arranged for group or on a 1 to 1 basis.

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