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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Photography Business : Investing in Equipment v Training

The photography business is without doubt fiercely competitive, how to invest is not an easy or straight forward decision. 

Photography can be for you a hobby or for the more serious as a business, I have been on both sides.
It's always been part of my own personal character always to do better, better than I was yesterday and so on.

Be resigned that your growth as a photographer will be similar to a baby's development, it goes at a certain pace, and simply evolves.

Granted you may have immediate successes, I wish you many but being able to sustain this and knowing the pitfalls will come in time.

In order to be progressive, not falter or take you on certain unwanted deviations I suggest you observe a small group of people at the top level and maybe some breaking out, over time do they make it or drop off, did they deviate and back track?

Workshops with good professionals are popular, workshops cover all aspects including systems and business which is not an area to be over looked. Booking direct with established professionals in your area of interest or through pro stores I would recommend.

The rush to buy heaps of expensive gear should be avoided, rather explore and get a better understanding of how the equipment has been sold to you and the possibilities it has to offer.

Yes you need to understand the different modes of shooting and how the pro's use it which will be different that the format it has been sold to you, this applies more to the camera body.

Accept it has been sold in a mode that will for most users produce acceptable images, but go deeper into the camera function's and this is where the pro's are.

So if you wish to be more balanced and move forward progressively invest in areas other than just the "gear" this includes training. I have done it, some workshops weren't for me leaving somewhat disappointed, but never without taking away some extra knowledge I didn't have at the beginning of the day.

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