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Thursday, 12 July 2012

TIP of the day :Canon 5d MKII ISO selection, (for the photographer)

TIP of the day Canon 5d MKII ISO selection.

While shooting you will want to shoot at multiples of ISO 160 (only available if Highlight Tone Priority is disabled) or the closest available number (as 1250 is not a multiple of 160, but the closest there is to 1280). 

I recommend this is because the 5D mk II uses digital noise to step between ISO’s. 

Technically, the camera is native on the ISO’s that are multiples of 100.  For the ISO’s in-between, the camera digitally pushes or pulls one of these native ISO’s. 

For instance, ISO 125 is really ISO 100 with a digital exposure push, and ISO 160 is really ISO 200 with a digital exposure pull.  As a result, 160 and its multiples look the "cleanest" because its really a native ISO rating with the exposure pulled down, which hides more of the digital noise.

Give this a try.

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