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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Video workout series with Lukas Gabris International Bodybuilder

The video workout series with Lukas Gabris an international bodybuilder was a project that was captured over a period of months.

The reason Lukas created this video series was to give an insight into the extreme regime required to compete in body building competitions at world level.

The secondary objective of the video's was to raise Lukas profile to possible brands or new sponsors.

The video series ran in advance of his major competition last year, they helped build a larger fan base and guide those with an interest in body development to get better returns for their efforts in the gym.

Rather than edit the content dynamically the videos were kept to a more documentary approach, capturing Lukas going about his pre-contest training routine.

Lukas was working with John Hodgson who had competed at the very highest International level for a number of years, retiring last year. John competed in the fiercely competitive 202 (body weight) class and his training methods employing HIT training are highly respected.

The video below is a Lukas completing a leg workout, I tease Lukas a little at the end, pushing him to give me a few words when clearly he was not up for that.

This video series Journey to the Universe has attracted over 35,000 worldwide views to date.

Lukas this year placed second in the NABBA World's, in Class 1.

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