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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Studio Shooting, creating the set.

Studio photography, often with a setup similar to that shown below.

The light boom and C stands are the heavy items to set up, this is where having an assistant really is a great help.

Each space you shoot in has it own +/-

The way light reflects and so on.

Creating a closed off setup reduces the amount of problems.

The picture above is from a basic setup at Studio4.

Booms help you work more freely, getting light up and over the subject better. The only thing to remember is to set everything up properly, check the important bits are tight and balanced correctly. This is a big piece of kit you don't want to come crashing down.

Everything is kept low while the boom is set up, settings dialed in, model bulbs checked through, when all of this is done the whole deal needs lifting up, better only to do this once.

The C stand can take a lot more weight than consumer stands that tend to bend and their balance isn't as good from my experience.

This kit is worth investing in early on, it's another expense but you need it to work better unless you have a willing assistant to stand over the client holding a light for you.

Again try renting before you buy.

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